Hong Kong inspiring drama The Lyricist Wannabe is set to release in the UK by Trinity CineAsia on 15 March.

Believing that writing Cantopop is her God-given talent, Law Wing Sze decides to make it her lifelong career. But as hard as Wing Sze tries, nothing seems to go her way. What if there’s a will, but there’s no way?

As Norris Wong’s second feature-length film following her debut My Prince Edward (2019), The Lyricist Wannabe is inspired by Wong’s life. A comedy about the pain of lost ideals, it provides a personal yet distinctly topical perspective on the theme of growing up. The lyrics of the film’s soundtrack were composed by Wong herself.

About the Director

Norris Wong (b. 1987, Hong Kong) is a director, screenwriter, novelist, and lyricist. One year after completing a master’s degree in film production at Hong Kong Baptist University, she produced the short film Fall (2013). She went on to write the script for numerous productions, including the TV series The Borderline (2013), Margaret & David: Green Bean (2016), and The Gutter (2020). Her first feature-length film My Prince Edward (2019) has won numerous awards, including the 4th First Feature Film Initiative (Higher Education Institution Group), Best New Director at the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards, and Best Screenplay at the 26th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.