The UK-China Film Collab announce a new exciting casting project to look for “The Next Asian Star”. Are you the next leading Asian actress/actor on screen?

While the UK’s film industry has been talking about diversity for a while, this is the time, we feel that opportunities are finally here. Recent positive news such as Gemma Chan’s ambitious feature film on Anna May Wong is one of the highlights of a collective advocacy.

We are currently developing several co-productions with partners for the international audience, but this is unlike other projects in the market. As a unique organisation, we have been observing and doing research on how Asian talents are being presented on screen with often stereotypical characters. These knowledges are informed from our pool of academic expertise as well as industry insights. At the same time, we are also aware of how unfair the agency business is for Asian talents in the UK and how difficult it is for talents to find the right project. Agency companies are acting as a gatekeeper but not always aware of every single actress or actor’s full potentials.

We are committed to find the next Asian stars and provide a stage that they deserve.

Working together with our partner Hereostratus, we will be doing a series of audition and casting between August and September in London. For the roles that we are searching, we welcome UK based Chinese talents (all nationalities and genders are eligible) aged between 16-35 to apply.

Selected final candidates will have a chance to act in our future productions. All audition participants will receive the following:

  • 2 copies of professional headshots from the audition
  • Feedback from our casting committee
  • Career advice and other opportunities

All candidates will be given scenarios and script extracts prior the audition date for preparation and the audition will last for 30-45 minutes.

The registration fee is £50/person, the first casting round’s registration deadline is 14 August 2022

Audition location:

Herostratus Studio, Unit 6, Wow Workspaces Wembley, 284 Water Road, HA0 1HX

For more information, please contact:

Riley Wong, Specialised Programme Curator & Producer at UK-China Film Collab:

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