8 September 2022 was a sad day for people from around the world, as we received the news about the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was 96. Beyond her State and the Commonwealth, she was respected by many people in Greater China, too.

Queen Elizabeth II travelled far. She played an instrumental role in promoting diplomatic relations between the UK and China during her reign as the Head of State. The late Queen visited both mainland China and Hong Kong in 1986. She was the first British sovereign to visit China, a key gesture to open a new diplomatic chapter. Her travel to the Far East was broadcasted across the country back home. For many British people, it was the first time for them to eye-witness live footages of China, a country which was on its way to open itself to world.

She has been respected by leaders and people in mainland China throughout the decades. Every public appearance of the late Queen was covered in major media outlets in Chinese.  People not only learnt about her life and duty from the news, film and TV series are the main channel for them to connect with her stories.

Indeed, all the highlight moments immediately became a sensation on Chinese social medias, commented by millions of netizens. These moments include her appearance with ‘James Bond’ in 2012 as part of the Olympics opening ceremony in London; her hosting of Xi Jinping, the President of China at the Buckingham Palace during his visit to the UK in 2015,  then the ‘Golden Era’; and most recently, her heartfelt appearance alongside Paddington bear as part of her Platinum Jubilee celebration. Her warm smile transcended boundaries, her strength was extraordinary.

The late Queen’s curiosity about the world, her dedication toward diplomacy as well as eagerness to mediate conflicts remain an inspiration for all of us.

May she rest in peace.