SCA will bring a special screening of documentary of The Six to Scotland with a special screening at the University of Edinburgh.

Event: Special Screening of The Six
Time & Date: 5-8 pm on Tuesday 12 December 2023
Location: Projection Room 1.06, 50 George Square, the University of Edinburgh, EH8, 9LH

The film will start after a short introduction and following the film there will be a question and answer session. The session will close at

The Six is a 2021 documentary directed by Arthur Jones (Executive Producer Titanic’s James Cameron) It tells, following painstaking research,  the previously untold story of the six Chinese survivors of the disaster and their lives on arrival in the US. The film has been warmly received around the world with many showings in China and deals with important issues very relevant today.

The idea of making a film about Titanic’s Chinese passengers was originally suggested to Jones by Steven Schwankert, a marine historian who had collaborated with him on the 2013 documentary The Poseidon Project.

According to Schwankert, Jones was initially skeptical about covering a subject as well-documented as Titanic, but the question of how so little was known about the six Chinese, compared to the other survivors, stuck with them. “These were the only guys amongst those 700 that no one had ever claimed. They just completely disappeared. Why did they get ignored?” he told The Washington Post. Historian Renqiu Yu, who participated in the production of The Six, notes that the pervasive Anglo-Saxon perspective of Titanic has allowed little room for survivors such as the Chinese.

The showing is free of charge, supported by the SCA, in tribute to the late Chair, Janice Dickson.