Chinese animation The Storm to hit UK cinemas from 25 January.

CAST: ZiQian He, Hao Chen, LinYan Xie, Xi Zhang, YaLong Cao, Shan Wang, Conan Li


Poverty-stricken Daguzi encounters a child – Mantou – floating downstream at the river bank, he decides to take him by his side as his son, with compassion and affection. To change their distressed situation and give Mantou a better future, Daguzi takes a risk but ends up becoming a wanted criminal when his plan fails. It leads him to a homeless life hiding around with Mantou. As their life gets harder, he considers entrusting Mantou to someone else.

Mantou has noticed his thought deep inside. Daguzi takes Mantou to the Great Dragon Bay, hoping to find the treasures from the mysterious black ship and to change their desperate situation. However, he is bitten by the monster on the black ship and starts to transform into a monster slowly. Anxious Mantou has to run around and try his best to save his monster father.

Meanwhile, because of the arrival of the black ship, all sorts of people begin to gather in the Great Dragon Bay. The history of the Bay along with stories of the crowds gradually unfold.