6 days until our festival’s Official Announcement. Who are our UK-China Film Ambassadors this year?

UK-China Film Collab continues to bring you new imagination for contemporary film diplomacy in the 21st century. As the most active non-profit organisation for promoting film related cultural exchange and business operation between the two countries, we are currently preparing for a film festival dedicated to Chinese cinemas in the UK.

In order to better achieve our cultural exchange objective for the festival, the festival’s organising committee has announced a ‘Call for UK-China Film Ambassadors’ in February. We deeply believe in the power of citizens and have been working hard to discover young talents who share the same ideal as our organisation between the two countries.

After a reviewing process, we have now selected six ambassadors this year. They are:

Hilary Chan
BSc student in Psychology, St Andrews University, part-timer research assistant
INS: @amureid

Giulia D’Aquila
PhD Candidate in Chinese Studies, Communications & Events Coordinator at Lau China Institute, King’s College London, 2020-2021 UCFC Future Talent Programme member
INS: @juliadaquila

Yilan Luo
Performing Arts BA student at Creative Arts University
INS: @yilan_oo

Janice Shen
English and Chinese Bilingual Broadcasting and Anchoring BA student, Communication University of Zhejiang
INS: @janice._._.shen

Ethan Shi
Film and TV Studies MA from the University of Bristol, Weston College A-Level Media tutor, 2021-2022 UCFC Future Talent Programme member, 

Curtis Weir
Chinese Studies MA student at the University of Edinburgh, Director of Eight Star Group, 2020-2021 UCFC Future Talent Programme member
INS: @curtis.weir.50

In the coming months, our ambassadors will make a series of short videos to promote our film festival, to share their passion toward Chinese cinemas with languages that are accessible by young audiences.

We cannot wait to share their creative outputs with you!

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Looking forward to meeting you!