This is a survey designed for UK based documentary filmmakers and companies,  who might be curious about rising opportunities to work with partners in China.

We have written an article as early as 2018, to inspire British film companies to consider embracing opportunities in China for co-production. 2019, the UK-China Film Collab was born as a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, focusing on improving the film distribution and exhibition mechanism between the two countries. Among other achievements, we supported 5 British documentary films to be included at the Shanghai International Film Festival’s programme. It was and still is the biggest showcase of British documentary in China to date. 2020, the UCFC was registered as a not for profit organisation in order to expand its scope and activities.

Some of our partners in China have expressed their interests in working with documentary talents from the UK. Although major players such as Tencent has already signed multiple deals with the BBC, many medium size companies are also interested in working with British film talents, though do not have access to the talent pool. This is the reason why we would like to conduct this brief survey below. If you are interested in exploring future opportunities or to be contacted when opportunities rise, please copy and answer the questions below and be in touch with us via

The UCFC strictly follows GDPR compliance and our private policy can also be read from the bottom of our website. Your details will not be passed on or used for direct marketing beyond this survey, unless further permission is given.


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Have you collaborated with companies from China before?

What are your interests in the Chinese documentary market?

In what ways would you like to collaborate with Chinese companies?

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