This is the third Argentinian cinema showcase to take place in China within the past 2 months. As we continue to advocate, the UK cinema’s presence in China outside of a general release is critically behind many countries beyond Europe.

Presented by Broadway Cinematique in Beijing, the new special season is titled ‘Un Lugar en El Mundo’, dedicated to 8 4K restored classics from Argentina. The English translation of the season title is ‘Somewhere in the World’. One wonders.

Location: Broadway Cinematique, Beijing
Date: 16 – 26 September 2022

All chosen films were restored by experienced audio-visual lab Gotika as part of the ‘Plan de Recuperar’ (National Restoration Plan). The programme to be showcased in Beijing (16 -26 September) includes:

La Pelicula del Rey/A King and His Movie (1986)

Dir. Carlos Sorin

Buenos Aires movie director, very fond of the legend of the King of Patagonia and Araucania, decides to make a movie about it. Despite of financial troubles, technical problems, misfortune and desertions, he undertakes the journey to Patagonia for the film with a second-rate actor company. Neglected by the producer and shortly after by the company, he will make the movie alone, in a surreal landscape like mad. – Vinicio Matteucci, IMDB

Historias mínimas/Intimate Stories (2002)

Dir. Carlos Sorin

Three people and a baby set off on separate journeys, along the same road; their disparate dreams and stories intertwine amidst the breathtaking deserted Patagonic route.

Un Lugar en el Mundo/A Place in the World (1992)

Dir. Adolfo Aristarain

Mario and Ana, in voluntary exile from Buenos Aires, live in a remote Argentine valley with their 12-year-old son Ernesto. Mario runs a school and a wool cooperative; Ana, a doctor, heads a clinic with Nelda, a progressive nun. Into this idealistic family comes Hans, a jaded Spanish geological engineer — surveying the land for the local patron, to see if it can be dammed for hydro-electric power, which would drive the peasants from the land into the cities.

Lugares comunes/Common Ground (2002)

Dir. Adolfo Aristarain

In Buenos Aires, a few days before traveling to Spain with his beloved wife Liliana Rovira to visit their son Pedro, the leftist Literature professor Fernando Robles is compulsory retired in the University, and he concludes that it is impossible to live with his pension. The crisis in Argentina does not allow Fernando to get a new job, and his wife decides to sell her family’s apartment and move to a small farm near Villa Dolores to reduce their expenses. Fernando comes up with the idea to grow lavender and sell the oil to the perfume industry. – Claudio Carvalho, IMDB

Señora de nadie/Nobody’s Wife (1982)

Dir. María Luisa Bemberg

After finding out her husband cheated on her, Leonor decides to leave him to find her true identity.

Made in Argentina (1987)

Dir. Juan José Jusid

Osvaldo and Mabel, an Argentine couple exiled for political reasons in the United States, travel to their country of origin after ten years to reconnect with their family and friends, including “el Negro”, Mabel’s brother, and his wife, ” the Yoli ». Mabel offers her brother the possibility of working in New York with the aim of improving their economic situation, but his wife is opposed. – Sebastian Incaurgarat, IMDB

Sol de otoño/Autumn Sun (1987)

Dir. Eduardo Mignogna

Clara Goldstein is a Jewish woman who, because of a visit from her brother, is forced to create a contrived relationship with a man of her own faith.

La sonámbula/Sleepwalker (1998)

Dir. Fernando Spiner

Argentina, 2010. It is the bicentennial of the May Revolution. The authorities carry out experimental tests with a new chemical substance. When an accident occurs, this causes hundreds of thousands of people to lose their memory and, with it, their identity.

Again, now. We have prepared a British film season and the first ever, cross-country showcase in China. All partners are in place and all the license cleared.

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