We are pleased to announce that we have recently joined Virtual Internships as a Host Company. We look forward to welcoming new candidates to our growing family.

Internships are one of the main routes to work experience. Yet they are infamously hard to secure without prior work experience, relocating, or having the right contacts.

Virtual Internships’s unique platform ensures intelligent, rapid matches between students and companies, provides access to real global internships at the world’s most exciting companies, trains students before and during the internship, and unlocks a global network of relationships.

Virtual Internshps’s Mission by Ed Holroyd Pearce

UK-China Film Collab (UCFC) is pleased to join our new partner’s global network and we look forward to providing bespoke internship opportunities to a new generation of bright students.

“We are committed to supporting British students from BAME and disadvantaged backgrounds. It is important for all young British students to have an equal opportunity to develop a global perspective, responding to the UK’s leveling up mission”, said Dr Hiu Man Chan, Founder & Director of UCFC.