UK/US film Widows directed by Steve McQueen is scheduled to release in China across cinemas on October 16.

According to Douban, China’s most popular film review and database site, the film is currently rated 6.1/10 with over 10K reviews. Since the film has been released a while internationally, it is quite possible that the film is already available via pirate sources in China. The film is imported by China Film Co. (Import) and to be distributed by Huaxia Film Distribution.

Looking at its opening day’s programming across cinemas, unfortunately the film does not get many slots. There have been less than five cinemas in two provinces that picked up Widows. The film currently gets an average of 2 screenings per day and 1 prime time at each cinema sites for its opening day on October 16.

Although Steven McQueen is a big name as an OSCAR and BAFTA winner, particularly from his famous work 12 Years a Slave, we can predict that Widow’s box-office in China will not be significant. According to our report last year, more Chinese films were distributed in the UK than British films in China. How can we and other stakeholders support more British productions to be available at Chinese cinemas, this remains an urgent task for a collective action and campaign.

A list UK films distributed in China in 2020 to date (6 titles)
*Cinemas reopened in China officially on July 20

Jan 10
Fighting with My Family (2019)
UK/US – Bo: 17.1 million RMB

July 31
47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)
US/UK – BO: 4.7 million RBM

August 2
Interstellar (2014, re-release)
US/UK – BO: 121 million RMB

August 7
1917 (2019)
UK/US – BO: 69 million RMB

August 14
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001, re-release)
UK/US – BO: 191 million RMB

August 28
Inception (2010, re-release)
US/UK – BO: 33 million RMB

September 4
Tenet (2020)
UK/US – BO: 447 million RMB