Dancing with Water: Women’s cinema from contemporary China to launch at BLOC cinema, QMUL, with following screenings at Bertha DocHouse and The Garden Cinema.

Dancing with water is a film season curated and programmed by Kiki Tianqi Yu (Senior Lecturer in Film, QMUL) and Shan Tong (Curator of BISFF), with the aim to revitalise the way we think feminism, power, cinema, and artistic practice. At a time when feminism requires critical re-evaluation in the face of overwhelming neo-liberalisation; when women filmmakers globally request serious appreciation under the patriarchal structure of film industries; and when debates on women become a rare platform for public engagement within the PRC, Dancing with water captures a burgeoning energy of fluidity, flexibility and resilience of Chinese women filmmakers and their cinemas. Creating a space to connect debates of women and cinema with the Daoist concept of yin as a transformative power, it encourages us to value the water like feminine force, as not only soft and formless but also pervasive and tenacious.

Along side 5 screening sessions of 12 features and 9 shorts made by PRC women filmmakers, there are also Q&As, panel discussions, filmmakers’ talks, and Dao Yin meditative workshop, where the audience’s participations shape the debates. Bringing contemporary Chinese women filmmakers under spotlight, and engaging conversations with UK audiences and industrial professionals, it also aims to help the audience to revaluate their own strength facing difficult times.

Funded by the Centre for Public Engagement large Grant, Queen Mary University of London, led by Kiki Tianqi Yu, with support from QMUL’s Film Studies Department, BLOC, and in partnership with the Garden Cinema, Bertha DocHouse, Beijing International Short Film Festival, Sine Screen, & Queer East Festival.