Shanghai Film Distribution and Exhibition Association (SFDEA) is a non-profit trade body that represents and regulates the film distribution and exhibition sector in Shanghai.

Founded on 13 June 2013, SFDEA currently has over 300 member organisations, which include more than 10 cinema chains and 300 cinemas throughout the city. The Association has been actively introducing different strategies to support the city’s cinema industry growth, including a star-rating system for all Shanghai cinemas as well as the 24-hour cinema concept.

Since its establishment, the Association has also launched the Shanghai Art Film Federation (SAFF). The network which is composed by 4 cinema chains and 10 cinema sites, regularly organises mini festivals to exhibit both local and foreign arthouse films. To date, it has exhibited films from South Korean, Japan, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Spain, the UK, New Zealand, Norway and many other countries.

SAFF under SFDEA represents the most lively and unique foreign film exhibition model in China as an innovative and alternative approach to the quota system limit. It has enabled Shanghai audience to enjoy both the latest and classic art films from around the world since its inception.

SFDEA and SAFF are Industry Partner of the UK-China Film Collaboration Project.