Curtis Weir from the University of Edinburgh has been selected to join UCFC as a member via the organisation’s Future Talent Programme 2020-2021.

Here is Curtis’s own introduction to his expertise as well as his project at UCFC for this coming year:

“I am a 3rd year undergraduate studying Chinese MA (Hons) at the University of Edinburgh. Weekly film screenings in my first year of university ignited my interest in Chinese cinema. Since then I have expanded this interest to both mainland and Hong Kong SAR productions. I believe there is scope to increase the distribution and exhibition of Chinese films in the UK and also for British films in China. Throughout my time at university I have pushed for a deeper understanding between the UK and China and joining the UK-China Film Collab provides me with the unique opportunity to combine both my passion for the cinema and interest in relations between the two countries.

I am currently working as the International Film Relations Negotiator, on a dual project, for the UK-China Film Collab. The first project aims to facilitate public film screening events for Confucius Institutes in the UK; through this the Confucius Institutes could consider screening a selection of blockbuster and arthouse Chinese films to a western audience or those who are learning Chinese as a second language. These film screenings are intended to create a platform for cross-cultural debate, especially in Confucius Institutes located in areas with no access to Chinese films in cinemas.  For my other project I will travel to our partner Xiangshan Global Studios.  During my time there I will identify areas for collaboration between Xiangshan Global Studio and film studios located in the UK.”

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